P&G laundry detergents and your skin

We have conducted a large number of clinical studies over the past few decades to determine how safe our laundry products are on your skin .

We often share the results of our skin compatibility program with panels of dermatologists.
They agree that:

  • Our laundry detergents are safe under normal use on healthy skin.
  • The enzymes in our biological laundry detergents do not pose irritation or allergy concerns.
  • Although laundry detergents are often assumed to be responsible for skin reactions, they are in fact rarely the true cause.

Panels are usually composed of dermatologists from different research or teaching hospitals. They review all available information on the potential effects of each ingredient in our detergents - as well as the products themselves - on your skin.

P&G laundry detergents and your skin

Studies on irritation:
With the help of volunteers, a variety of studies have been conducted under conditions that exaggerate the exposures that you would expect to have through normal use of our laundry detergents. The results show that our laundry detergents, and fabrics washed in them, are not irritating to the skin.
Studies on skin sensitization:
A number of studies have been conducted on our different detergents involving more than 1,200 volunteers. Evidence shows that our laundry detergents are safe for your skin, even under highly exaggerated doses.
Studies to detect any adverse skin effects under real use conditions:
With the help of volunteers, we've carried out long-term home use testing to work out the potential of our products to cause skin irritation or allergy. Volunteers use a product for a long period of time in place of their usual detergent. Following that, professional assessments are made of their skin, which confirmed that our products did not cause skin irritation or allergy.

Special studies on biological products:
We've conducted a number of tests for skin irritation, sensitization and allergy under home use conditions on our biological products, which contain enzymes. Our biological products have the same excellent skin compatibility as our non-biological products. They are mild to the skin, and didn't produce skin allergies even under exaggerated conditions.

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