Product development

Innovation led by you

Innovation is all about connecting 'what's needed' with 'what's possible'- combining everything we understand about you with leading-edge technology. Understanding your needs doesn't just happen - we recognized long ago that we really needed to understand you.
That's why P&G has a dedicated function that we call Products Research. The scientists who work in this area observe you using our products at home, and look for ways to improve and simplify your overall experience. With their product background, they can make connections between what you need and what our products can deliver.

These prototypes are tested on our consumers to check that they work. The cycle of learning is cyclical; we design a new product… test it on consumers… modify the design based on what we learn… and then test the modified product again until we get it right, as judged by you.

We have more than 1,700 scientists and researchers worldwide; many of those have PhDs. We hold more than 29,000 patented technologies for products that are on sale and continue to register patents on a daily basis.

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