Science behind products

Leading-edge product development

Over the past 15 years, all our product categories have seen important innovations. They have seen the light after years of research, both inside our laboratories and with people like you who have tested our ideas.
Innovation is all about connecting 'what's needed' with 'what's possible' - superior consumer understanding with leading-edge technology.

Here are few examples:

  • Liquid and compact detergents, a major breakthrough in reducing the environmental impact of the washing process by reducing the amount of chemicals and packaging needed per wash while maintaining very high cleaning standards.
  • 2-in-1 detergents combine the convenience of a quality detergent with the benefits of a fabric softener into one handy product.
  • The introduction of refill packs for detergents, fabric conditioners and other products enable a significant reduction in packaging. The result is an increase in convenience and value combined with a decrease in waste.
  • The use of liquid cotton ingredients in some detergents has led to a substantial reduction in the need to iron.
  • Use of elasticity-maintaining technology in products like Ariel or Dreft, which help to maintain a garment's shape over time, extending the lifetime of clothing.
  • Introduction of quick cleaning products such as wipes for Swiffer and Flash that significantly increase convenience, speed and hygiene.

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